So I got this silly idea right... Not sure how possible this is but I thought I may as well give it a shot. Over the next year I am going to try capture all 718 Pokémon :|

I have myself a copy of Pokemon X as well as Pokemon Black. It appears I have lost my Pokemon Black 2 in my house move about 5 months ago. A bit of a shame as I have a genesect on it >_<. For this task I won't use any hacked Pokémon, nor will I trade Pokémon with other people.

To help with this I will be building a new website called It'll be an online service for anyone to use that will help track your TM/HMs, collectible items as well as the Pokémon  you have collected in your Pokémon Bank. The system will also be able to tell you what Pokémon you can and can't get from your currently owned Pokémon cartridges.

Currently I have been working on finishing Pokémon X as well as working on my Pokémon Dream Radar. Next I'll have to find my copy of Black 2 and then obtain a copies of some of the older Pokémon games.

Wish me luck!